Message of Chairman(Ceo )

Interests and abilities of the company’s sharehilders in managing and executing water sructures,  industrial buildings, hotels, roads and watering networks and drainings on one hand and demands of our islamic country in sustainable development on the other hand are formed foolad sotoon’s believes and core values and basic strategies and policy in format of below charters

Charter of believes and core values

  • Honesty in work
  • Emphasis on quality, safety, strength and elegance
  • Constant promote strength of engineering and managing power of company

Charter of basic strategies and policy fo the company

  • Full and active participation in country’s development activities
  • Construct residental and industrial buildings with universal(global ) quality
  • Reinforment the power of contracting for presenting in tenders and executing international contracting projects
  • Earning full satisfaction of employers with proper. Qualified and optimized implementation of projects